Turf Repair and Installation
Sports Field Deep Grooming and Repair
Progress of Turf Repair

More synthetic fields are being installed yearly. With such demand, limited information is given to the field owners by the installers about proper steps in repairing the fields when problems occur.

Ensuring Turf Performance and Stability One Field at a Time

With sports and playgrounds being such a major impact in many people’s day-to-day activities, finding the right company to help properly maintain the surfaces used for these areas is crucial. Emergencies do occur. Knowing you have a company that can help make repairs fast and efficient is what Fix A Field LLC is all about. Working one-on-one while having the reassurance that the people you are talking to are also doing the repairs is very important.

Signs of a Failing Field

Tears and excessive wear can occur quickly if improper maintenance is not applied frequently after installation. Spotting early signs of these problems can greatly improve the field’s lifespan. When looking over your field keep the following in mind to determine whether you need repairs: Age, Excessive Wear, Low Infill Levels, Seam Tears, Improper Maintenance, and Loose Carpet Fibers.

Infill Replenishment
Turf Repair

Quality is Promised

We cannot promise the best without using the best equipment. The SPORTSCHAMP SC3 field maintenance machine is the best on the market. Using multiple attachments we are able to remove all debris and contamination from fields, level infill, and stand fibers back up in one single operation. While other attachments can leave the fields looking plush and new.

Sportschamp SC3
Turf Grooming Machinery

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