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Before Cleaning
Sports Field Deep Grooming
Turf Grooming

Does Low Maintenance mean No Maintenance?

By no means is a synthetic turf maintenance free. Although artificial turf can handle excessive usage over natural fields since it requires no watering, there are still some very important steps that need to be taken to ensure proper care, reliability, and longevity of the field investment.

Turf Maintenance

When it comes to your investment, providing the proper care and maintenance is a must. Fix A Field LLC will help protect your investment by cleaning your turf to get rid of debris and disinfect the surface to protect the health of children and athletes. Regular maintenance on your turf will keep the field from wearing out quickly, ensuring the longest lifespan.

Our Top Priorities

When It comes to the field investment, providing the proper care and maintenance is a must. Our main goals are to help sustain an attractive field while providing a dependable long-lasting surface that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Playground Turf Maintenance

Deep Field Grooming

One of the most important steps in field maintenance is deep cleaning. Not only is it beneficial to G-MAX ratings, but it stands turf fibers back up pulling dirt and debris out of the field, while decreasing the potential for it to settle and plug turf backings.

Playground Field Grooming

Infill Levels

Infill levels impact a test greatly. Having low infill in field will cause g-ratings to spike and risk of injury to greatly increase. Adding infill to areas in the field that may be low causing g-ratings to rise is the first step in lowering risk.

Infill Levels


Running the decompaction device over the surface pulls compacted rubber that has settled in a field back to the surface loosening the area. Decompacting also yields optimal turf performance and restores resiliency to the turf.

Rubber Infill
Artificial Turf Decompaction

Proper Testing

Proper testing helps to get a sense of the actual field surface conditions. Our main goal at Fix A Field LLC is to find issues before they become greater problems therefore reducing risks of injuries.

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